Strange Name

“Your shirts are so soft, are you sure you want to be called Crispy Cotton?”

When CRiSPY COTTON was founded in March of 2020, many names were batted about. The term “crispy” is somewhat throwback. Depending on your zip code, you might have used this to describe something as cool or hip. Put it this way, if you were to put “sexy,” “hip,” and “self-assured” into a blender, out comes “CRiSPY.” 


Most Shirts

We’ve all done it. You see a funny shirt and pull the trigger. You wear it once, maybe twice and send it to the back of your drawer buried under the shirts that actually feel good to wear. We think everyone deserves to own shirts that feel as good as they look. That’s our mission – pure and simple. That's why we primarily use Bella+Canvas shirts.


The Little Things

We’ve worn a ton of shirts made by many companies. Why do some shirts feel like a dish rag, and others are so soft, you smile when you put them on? The short answer is that it's all about the process and not compromising when it comes to comfort. 


All Is Not As It Seams

Pardon the pun. Quality of fabric is one thing, but design is another matter entirely. Another cheaper method of shirt production is using tubular fabric – meaning a shirt made with one piece of fabric. As it turns out, the human body is not a tube.

Our shirts are side-seamed – meaning they have a designer look and feel because they’re made by joining two pieces together for a superior fit that works with the natural contours of the human body. You will never find a tubular t-shirt inside a high-end retail clothing store. Why? Retail customers don’t want to wear a tubular-fitting tee and are willing to pay for something that simply looks and feels better.



Stop Buying Shirts That Shrink


Stay CRiSPY.

Thanks for checking us out. We think our shirts are pretty awesome and look forward to sharing them with you!